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Los Angeles Open Casting Desert Warrior...Expand / Collapse
Posted 7/6/2011 9:48:35 AMPost #7900

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Shooting for this project begins in August 2011 in Los Angeles, California


- Dr. Matthew: male, 45-55, Middle Eastern, modern day pharmacist, well educated, intellectual, LEAD ROLE

- Captain: male, 40-50, modern day policeman, accent, featured role

- George: male, 20-40, a strong leader, romantic, tyrant, a killer with no remorse, accent, LEAD ROLE

- Warriors: male, 18-60, numerous character roles, fighters, muscular, bearded, shaved, ethnic types, featured role

- Bilal: male, 25-35, African-American, strong, warrior, featured; Solyman: male, 60-70, bearded religious leader, featured role

-Asaad: male, 45-60, bearded tribe leader, intellectual, Israeli accent, featured role

-Moshei: male, 30-40, a trader, business leader, Israeli accent, featured role

-Mathew's Daughter: 16-18, Middle Eastern, modern day, accent, featured role

- Condalisa: female, 35-45, a Queen, self-assured, a boss, cunning, featured role

-Hilary: female, 18 but looks much younger, petite, innocent, featured role

-Olivia: female, 80+, older character woman with principles, featured role

- Females: 20-45, various supporting roles, strong dramatic abilities, exotic qualities, attractive middle eastern types, accents, featured;

- Character Females: 30-40, various types, sizes, featured; Males: 20-60, modern day villagers.

Auditions will be held by appointment only starting on July 12th in La Cienega, California.

To schedule an audition appointment you must begin by emailing your photos & résumés, link to your profile page to desertwarrior2011@yahoo.com and mtainc11@yahoo.com.

Professional pay, copy, credit, meals, and travel provided. SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement, pending.

Expires July 2011

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