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Dog actors, cats, exotic animals and extras in Washington for movies, film and televison. Animal talent post your photo here.
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I Wanna be in Pictures-Animal Actors, Dogs and Talent for Film and Television
in Tacoma, Washington

Name: Arthur Pendragon
Gender:   Male
Ethnicity:   Poodle
Eye Color:   Black
Hair Color:   Black
Height:   31" to shoulder10"
Weight:   2.6 lbs.

Tacoma, Washington

Contact Information:

Animal Actors in Ohio

Talents & Abilities:
Animal Actors- DOgs- Poodles
Poodle DOgs- Animal Actors

You want cute? We've got cute!!! Arthur is 2.6 lbs of puppy fury. Standing a full 10 inches high at the age of 5 months, we're told he will get to a maximum of 4 lbs total.

He graduated with honors from obedience school. He can sit, stay, lie down, sprint run, hey, he will do anything for a liver treat. Look at that face!! You want to sell something, Arthur is your dog!!! Whether for photo shoots, or video, he'll be ready to roll at any time.

Experience: No experience thus far, but Arthur is an amazingly fast learner. He has tons of experience just with meeting other dogs, as well as people. He loves everyone.

Comments:If you would like to utilize Arthur's incredible cuteness. We'll fly to you, if you want to cover expenses. This guy needs to be in pictures, he's a natural!!!

He's also a therapy dog at a local children's hospital and has made several appearances throughout the region for charity work.

Tricks include: - All basic obedience commands (sit, stay, come, heel on and off leash) - Paw/high-five/wave - Bang your dead - Look sad - Chase tail/spin - Take a bow - Retrieve - Catch - Take it - Jump - Speak - Crawl - More...

Experience: No tv/movie experience but have made appearances at charity events.

Will Travel...

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